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Nursing Services

Nursing Facility Services (Custodial Care)

Services are to meet your medical, nursing, dietary and psychosocial needs in a setting that provides continuous medical supervision and nursing care. The NJ Department of Human Services, Office of Community Choice Options or their designee decides if you need this kind of care.

Private-Duty Nursing

This is one-on-one, on-going nursing care that is provided to you in your home by a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). It is for adults age 21 and older.

Limits include:

  • This service is not available if you’re an inpatient at a hospital or in a nursing facility
  • Up to 16 hours of service are approved in a 24-hour period (the remaining time should be handled by an adult caregiver living in your home)
  • This service must be medically necessary

Prior authorization is required.