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WellBaby Maternity Program

A Special Program for Expectant Moms

WellBaby Maternity Program gives you helpful tools and information to make healthy choices while pregnant. After all, healthy choices make for a healthier baby. The program helps you better understand and manage your pregnancy. You will get help throughout your pregnancy and for 6 weeks after you have your baby. 

Call toll-free to enroll today at 1-844-231-BABY (1-844-231-2229) (TTY 711).

Included in the Program:

  • Assessments to help us know how you are doing
  • Access to a health website – for health education information and resources
  • Free book on pregnancy and newborn care – has information on pregnancy, delivery and newborn care
  • CDC immunization chart – current recommended infant immunization schedule
  • Nurse line Support – you will be able to contact a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • If you have special needs, you will be contacted by a nurse

You can learn more about the program on the WellCare of New Jersey Optum Portal or call 1-844-231-2229 (TTY 711) to enroll!