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March 01, 2018

We Want the Best for You (PDF)

Quality is our priority. That’s why we have a Quality Improvement (QI) Program. It works with our providers to help deliver better care and services to our members. Each year we strive to improve your health care.

February 01, 2018

Schedule Your Preventive Care Visit (Medicare) (PDF)

Preventive care visits, or routine checkups, are important to your health.

November 02, 2017

Important Health Screenings for Women (Medicaid) (PDF)

It’s important to take care of your health. Ask your primary care provider (PCP) about which tests and screenings are right for you.

May 11, 2018

We Want the Best for You (Medicare) (PDF)

Quality is our priority. We want you to get the best care and the information you need to be healthy.

February 02, 2018

NCQA Rates WellCare at 3.5 (Medicaid) (PDF)

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) rates health plans each year. Ratings help you know how good of a job our plan is doing. You can use this rating to compare our plan’s quality to other plans.

October 05, 2018

Three Tips to Prevent Readmission (Medicare) (PDF)

Readmission is when you have to go back to the hospital for the same condition shortly after you left.