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Transition of Care

MLTSS Transition of Care

During the period of transition into WellCare’s Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program, WellCare will continue to be responsible for the costs of continuation of those medically necessary Covered Services that were previously being provided under one of the Waiver programs, without regard to whether such services are being provided within or outside WellCare's network and until such time as WellCare can reasonably ensure that the member has been assessed by a WellCare Care Manager and that a new plan of care, if necessary, has been put in place for the member. 

This process will likely be completed within two months of the MLTSS go-live date, but could take up to 180 days to complete for all the MLTSS-eligible members. During this period, there should be no disruption to the care you are currently providing to WellCare’s members and WellCare will be responsible for payment of these continued services without requiring that you  obtain another authorization. We would however, suggest that you reach out to WellCare of New Jersey to notify us of the services by contacting Provider Services at 1-888-453-2534.